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Spending time getting the right van to deliver what you really need is important. Speak to a specialist team today. 

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Kudos Commercial Finance offers a range of funders to suit your needs. Unlike other finance companies, we have something for every type and size business! With Contract Hire vans available as well as both contract purchase or lease options – Kudos can help you find the perfect van that fits perfectly into whatever industry you’re in

We understand that leasing a van can be an easy decision, but it’s sourcing the right funding that can be a painful process.

We want to make sure you have access to all of your options and are confident in getting the RIGHT VAN and THE RIGHT FUNDING.

Our process is SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD and our team of friendly Van Finance Experts will be sure to find you the right van finance deal.

Step 1


As soon as you get in touch we can get started with your search. We have a multitude of lenders and Van suppliers ready to get you the best vehicle and the best funding deal…

1. Tell us the Make, Model, Size and type of vehicle you are looking for

2. Let us know your current situation; either sole trader, limited company or personal individual, we aim to get an accurate profile, even if you’ve struggled to get business finance in the past, we have a team that can help. 

3. We then conduct a free no obligation search and prepare a number of options for you. No sales team, no pressure, no problem. Simply review what we find for you and you decide, on your terms. 

That’s it. 

Step 2


Once we have found the best deal for you, we will send you a full report and breakdown of what is available. 

Your dedicated Kudos Commercial Finance partner is available to discuss your options in as much detail as you need.

Go fast, or take your time, it’s up to you. We will always be led by your needs and whether you want things to move fast or you want more time to consider your options. It’s no problem. 

Step 3


Once you have decided and you want to proceed with one of our options, we make the process as painless as possible…

We minimise forms, and painful applications processes. Our team understand that once you’ve made your decision, you just want someone else to sort it out and get your new van as fast as possible…

We pride ourselves on a fast, efficient and painless process. Just give us the green light and we are off. New van incoming!

Fill in our QUICK FORM below and we'll get you on the road to getting your new vehicle:

Why Use A Specialist Commercial Broker for your next Van purchase?

We are genuinely independent, wholly impartial and we offer straightforward honest advice, given freely and without obligation. Through our established Lender Partner network we have immediate access to over 250 alternative UK based Commercial Lenders and Private Banks. All of our Lending Partners have funds available to lend and are genuinely still keen to support the right proposition and provide a genuine and viable alternative to the High Street lenders.

If your own Bank or Van Dealer has failed to offer the support you need then call us. We will quickly assess all the available options for you and we will do everything possible to find a workable and affordable business solution. 

Time and again we prove to our clients that we can secure funding where others fail and, in the majority of cases, our advice will save you very significant amounts of money over the course of the loan. Don’t just assume that manufacturer or dealer-led finance options in the current marketplace are your only options.  Many times, we can arrange finance that is better suited to your situation and needs. 

The Benefits of using a Professional Broker

We offer all our clients a true ‘one-stop shop’ facility, our focus is to provide you with a fully managed and professional service to secure the most competitive funding offer available from the entire market.

We will fully package and submit the lending proposal to ensure your funding application is processed quickly and efficiently with funds available in the shortest possible time. In addition, we can, if required, organise any asset valuations, insurances and legal support necessary to complete various transactions.

Whatever your Commercial Funding requirement we offer you a free, impartial and totally confidential initial consultation and we will quickly assess the funding options available to you. Please contact us today to see how we can help or submit an enquiry and we will contact you.